Chris O’Dowd accidentally drinks a fly.



Oh, I wish we’d play this game with friends…


a man who gets what he wants out of life

So how did you end up playing the part of Jen Barber in the IT Crowd? 

It was because Chris O’Dowd, who plays Roy, was a friend of mine from drama school, and he told me he was doing this Channel 4 comedy and that they needed to cast for the woman and he thought I’d be quite good, then I went in and got it. So there’s always been a begrudging gratitude towards Chris because I wouldn’t be doing it if he hadn’t told me, so that’s how I ended up doing it. 

You’re quite good friends aren’t you, you and Chris? 

Yes, well, we were friends before we became colleagues, and we’ve been colleagues quite a few times recently, coincidentally, so we know each other very well.    

So being friends, does that make the job harder, presumably you make each other laugh on set? 

Yeah that was always the thing, he always makes me laugh.